Monday, January 31, 2011

Reading is Sexy Kindle Party!

Reading is Sexy Kindle Party!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Angel Rising
by LaVerne Thompson
copyright 2011

Warning to those who follow,

Evil does not always wear the face of the unappealing.  People don’t usually spend much time gazing into the eyes of the homely.  On the contrary, most poor souls are too busy looking away, or perhaps trying to pretend they don’t notice, the unsightly features on someone’s face. Yet, they gaze raptly into the eyes of beauty.   
Indeed, evil can and does wear the face of beauty, and often not just any beauty, but that reserved for gods and angels.  After all, such is a face to become enraptured with.  Mortals are unable to look away from those eyes of deepest darkness, set in such perfectly symmetrical exquisite features, and unfortunately, become ensnared in them.  Most people don’t bother to look past the fa├žade.  If, for some reason, they happen to catch a glimpse of the vast emptiness lying within the portals to what should have been a soul, they discount it.  Claiming it is nothing more than a trick of the light.  More fool they.
People are experts at denial, especially what they don’t understand.  Or fear. Which is why those with hollow souls exist unknown among us.  The soulless ones roam the world looking for something to fill the void inside.  Craving the emotions they do not have.  Human blood, fueled on strong emotions, provide that nourishment.  Hate and violence are the most filling and favored, but over time, require vast amounts of human fodder.  These emotions are the easiest to understand and manipulate on a large and more satisfying degree, for the soulless. It is mere child’s play for soulless to get brother to kill brother, or friend to turn on friend, then gorge on the resulting hatred and violence. When a soulless one is nearby, death is sure to follow.  All it takes is a whisper in the right ear, at the right time.  Timing is everything. Wherever there is war, destruction, fear, or strife, there is a hollowed soul, filling the hollowness up with strong emotion.  Guaranteeing the continuance and escalation of the negative destructive energies. 
However, as with most things under God’s creation, there are gray areas and exceptions.  Some soulless ones are not evil, and merely wish to survive, to exist among us. Without a soul they must be, but they try to maintain a balance, taking as well as giving.  While one kind kills, the other doesn’t, they even bring ease.  But there is no easy way to tell the difference between those that do and those that don’t until it is much much too late.
So, if you happen to glimpse anyone with black dead depthless eyes, it is not a trick of the light.  Look away. Then. Run!
Kalipia first Chronicler